Advancing Your Parish Through a Time of Crisis: Free Online Course

May 28, 2020  •   LPi

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We’ve heard it so many times, it’s almost become cliché. “Unprecedented.” “Uncertain.” “New way of doing things.” From how we shop to how we socialize, everyone has been forced to adapt to new ways of doing things, and parishes are no different. As churches begin to reopen and welcome back parishioners, we must be ready to lead our faith communities into the “new normal.” Revive is tackling how we can do just that through their latest online course, “Advancing Your Parish Through a Time of Crisis.”

Revive is an online course platform designed to help parish leaders grow in key ministry areas. Parishes who purchase an annual subscription to Revive get unlimited access to an online, on-demand library of video-based courses in the areas of discipleship, evangelization, and stewardship, to fundraising and youth and women’s ministries – taught by some of the best experts in the Church.

In partnership with LPi, this FREE 90-minute course is taught by Cande de Leon, the Executive Director of Mission Advancement for the Diocese of Phoenix and an acclaimed evangelization, leadership, and fundraising expert. Real life examples paired with expert insight will allow parish leadership to find new ideas to advance during this time of COVID-19 and beyond. It is an essential course for parishes looking to gain clarity and create a plan for parish mission success.

A Focus On Mission and Advancement

The course is divided into five easy-to-digest video segments, along with downloadable PDF guides to follow along the way. Designed to be used in a group or individually, it’s easy to follow along and work from the sheets to create a plan for moving forward.

“One of the most unique things about our current pandemic is how it affects everyone, not just the Church,” de Leon explains. “From family businesses to higher education institutions, our current heath pandemic doesn’t discriminate against rich or poor. Everyone is all going through this together.

“We have to ask ourselves, why us? Why now? How come this is happening at this exact moment in our time here in the Church?” de Leon says. “This is what I think – this is our call, this is our time, this is our missionary moment to really step up and look at how we are bringing Jesus to people.”

In order to effectively discover how your specific parish can reach people for Christ, parish leaders need to prioritize the mission of the Church and advance its commitment to that mission through this time of crisis.

Steps To Take Immediately

A plan is useless without the steps necessary to bring it to action. To help parishes come up with a plan designed specifically for them, the course includes a step-by-step “stabilize” planning guide, and asks the following questions:

  •  What is Mission Critical?
  •  What is Mission Support?
  • What is the health of your parish finances such as payroll, income, and expenses
  • Are you effectively communicating with your parishioners and staff through digital, telephone, and print communications?

By finding the answers to these questions, you’ll be guided on a step-by-step process to create a simple and actionable plan for your parish.

Key Insights and Guidance

Throughout the course, you’ll learn key insights and practical tips for fundraising, mission, and leadership using real-life experience. In-between valuable insight shared by de Leon, the heart of this course is, according to him, seeing the situation for what it really is: an opportunity.

“Take this moment as an opportunity to bring people closer to the Lord,” de Leon invites. “We can’t trust the world; we can’t lean on our own understanding because none of us have been through this. But what we can do is acknowledge the Lord in everything we do, and He will direct our path.”

Proudly presented by Revive and LPi, this online workshop is offered free of charge to all parishes. Just visit forward for access.

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