Press Release: LPi Expands Internationally

January 14, 2017  •   LPi


Frank Horning accepted a new role of President, LPi of Ireland Limited, on January 3, 2017. LPi is excited to announce its expansion internationally and is now actively servicing customers overseas in Europe along with Canada and the Caribbean. Frank has built his career at LPi: first in sales, later as General Manager of several LPi offices, and most recently as Vice President of Operations. Frank’s breadth of experience makes him ideally suited to help expand LPi’s operations internationally.

Ron Nash was named VP of Customer Success on January 9, 2017. In this newly created position, Ron will be responsible for leadership of the full portfolio of products and services across LPi’s customer base. Most importantly, he will lead LPi to proactive customer service that will be instrumental in our customers’ success. Prior to joining LPi, Ron was employed with Noosh, a procurement and product management software company, as the Director of Client Success, managing product implementation, service delivery, and relationship management on a global scale. Prior to his time at Noosh, Ron was employed with Quad Graphics in roles such as VP of Customer Service, VP of Integration Services, and Regional Sales Director. As VP of Customer Service, Ron spent time understanding client needs to better align product selection and offering.

Joe Luedtke has been promoted to President of LPi effective January 3, 2017. Since joining LPi in 2007 as Information Services Director, Joe’s career progressed to division President of Online Services where he initiated LPi’s online giving service, diversifying LPi’s revenues to include subscription and transaction fees. In 2013, Joe was promoted to Chief Operating Officer of LPi where he also took responsibility for LPi’s core ad-supported products division and has successfully led LPi’s organic growth rate acceleration. Now as President of LPi, Joe will take responsibility for leading LPi’s long-term strategic direction as well as execution of corporate strategy. Prior to joining LPi, Luedtke had a long career in consulting and technology development and extensive international business experience. He was a Director within Manpower Inc’s Global IS team and led the centralization of Manpower’s IT infrastructure into global data centers. After the consolidation of data centers was complete, Joe led the creation of Manpower’s first socially driven website designed to engage both employees and customers online.

Paul Knaapen, President/CFO for the last ten years, who is stepping aside as President in favor of Luedtke, said, “The book titled What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There is a great analogy for the development of LPi. My tour of duty as President has put LPi in position to move to the next level. The next level will include further development of high-tech communication products and leveraging online community solutions for the benefit of our customers as well as developing international operations. Joe has the right resume and demonstrated leadership ability to take the lead for the next ten years.”

Knaapen, who has been with LPi for twenty-nine years, will remain LPi’s Chief Financial Officer; both Joe and Paul will report directly to Craig Polack, Owner and Chairman of Board. “Paul was successful as President and has accomplished something many leaders find difficult, which is bringing in the next leader and helping to develop that person’s ability to take over the leadership role. Paul was instrumental in both bringing in Joe Luedtke in 2007 and preparing him to take over the reins at LPi. Joe has demonstrated his ability to lead us to our new goals of developing online services and international operations. We are excited about the recent changes and developments we have made within our Leadership Team,” said Polack. “We have the right mix of talent, vision, and experience to best serve the needs of our customers and drive continued success in the future.”

LPi is a stewardship communication company that serves as a single source for products and services that help create more vibrant Catholic faith and other non-profit communities. We offer engagement tools for parishes that include ad-supported church bulletins, websites and newsletters, as well as solutions for digital engagement, including online giving and mobile phone applications. Recently LPi introduced a line of consulting offerings including a sustainable offertory campaign, stewardship workshops, and retreats.

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