Respond with Love

October 9, 2020  •   LPi

Women making heart with hands

Do you remember a time when you spent much time or money on a surprise or gift for someone else and they failed to appreciate it? We do open ourselves up to disappointment if our expectations do not match the response. Perhaps we reached down deep to share a part of ourselves only to encounter apathy and insensitivity. That can hurt even if the person ignoring our gesture meant no ill will toward us.

What must God feel like when we fail to respond to what He has done for us. We probably do not purposefully slight God, but perhaps we are so busy and mindless that it becomes impossible to be responsive and mindful. We can miss the gift of God which is right before our eyes.

It is very difficult to be a good steward if we do not intentionally choose to be mindful. We miss the important stuff in life, and we neglect those placed in our path as gifts to enrich our lives. If we are to live as Jesus asks, we must work on focusing our eyes of faith on the things that matter and the gifts we have been given. If we are made in the image of God, I suppose we can guess how God might feel when His gifts are not acknowledged, or His love not returned. If I reflect on the One who loves me more than anyone, how can I choose to not offer my love in return?

— Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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