Spring Cleaning Your Bulletin

March 11, 2013  •   Carol Owens

Spring CleaningSpring is here and it’s time to spruce up your home, get rid of clutter, and get things organized. This year, take your spring cleaning beyond your home and yard and take a fresh look at your bulletin.

Consider these tips for breathing new life into your bulletin:

  • If it’s no longer working, throw it out: Whether it’s a burnt-out computer or a vacuum cleaner with no air flow, we all own things that are no longer useful. Look through your bulletin from the cover to the last page and see if there are items that are outdated, no longer relevant, or just plain don’t belong.

  • Get rid of duplicates: When you’re reviewing your bulletin, you might find several items that do or say the same thing. Do you really need a staff directory on the cover and on the inside pages? Removing it from the cover can free up space for a fresh photo or cover. Always look for ways to diversify your information and get your readers attention.

  • Put things back in order: Over time spaces in your home can get “out of balance.” So many chairs pile up in your kitchen that you can’t cook. Your new giant flat-screen TV covers up your family pictures. Simple organization can usually get things back in order. Do this with to your bulletin. Maybe all of  your articles look exactly the same. Try placing an article across the whole bottom of the page instead of just two columns running up and down every page. Shift some articles around, use new images to break up text, and get things back in balance.

  • Design a new cover: A new bulletin cover is a great way to breathe new life into your bulletin and encourage parishioners to take a closer look. If you need assistance with creating a new look, contact LPi and our designers would love to help.

Spring cleaning really does put a smile on your face. Isn’t it time for a fresh new look for your bulletin? Giving your bulletin an annual spring cleaning, ensures it reflects the current needs of your church community and you won’t even have to get your hands dirty.