Surviving or Thriving Webinar Series: Preparing for the “New Normal”

May 21, 2020  •   LPi

Church memebers worshiping with hands in the air

It’s been nearly 10 weeks since parishes closed their doors. Since that time, Catholics have become used to live streamed Masses, online giving and digital bible studies through Zoom. The Sign of Peace is now a comment in Facebook Live, and if a parish is lucky enough to hold a public Mass, it needs to take place in a parking lot with the priest using hand sanitizer after visiting every car for communion.

As Catholics become more and more used to this “new normal,” is it even possible to go back to how it once was? To help parish leaders navigate their way through the COVID-19 pandemic and this exact question, the Amazing Parish has created a free webinar series, “Surviving or Thriving.”

The Amazing Parish is an exciting and growing organization that helps pastors and their leadership teams. The conference is designed for pastors and their leadership teams with a goal of helping the group discover ways to take their parish leadership practices from the level of mundane to truly spiritual.

Through the webinar series sponsored by LPi, bestselling author and the Amazing Parish co-founder Patrick Lencioni anchors the conversation with actionable steps that churches can take right now, equipping every parish office to hit the ground running as they welcome parishioners back to the pews through the Surviving or Thriving Series.

Webinar 1: Rethinking Parish Leadership in a Time of Crisis

Join Patrick Lencioni for a nationwide gathering of pastors and parish leaders to discuss how to lead your parish through crisis…and come out thriving on the other side.

Alongside a panel of the Amazing Parish pastors, Lencioni will dive into the best practical and creative solutions to timely parish challenges: financial stability, staff and volunteer engagement, and holding on to – even growing – your flock.

If we come together and rally as a Church right now, we can move from feeling paralyzed to being back on mission. God can use you to change the trajectory of your parish and the lives of many, even in this time of crisis.

Along with Lencioni, Matt Maher joins the webinar to provide a mini concert for those watching. Known for his songs “Your Grace Is Enough” and “Lord I Need You,” Maher is one of the most creative and talented musicians in the Catholic world today, and he’s with us to provide some hope, inspiration, and music to lift our spirits.


Webinar 2: Emerge Stronger by Creating a New, Better, Normal

As cities and workplaces plan for reopening, one of the most common questions we hear among our parish communities is “What will the new normal look like?”

Join organizational health expert and the Amazing Parish co-founder, Patrick Lencioni, as he addresses the most crucial component in visioning our new normal … and emerging stronger from this time of crisis. Lencioni will anchor the conversation with actionable steps to take right now, equipping every parish office the opportunity to hit the ground running as they welcome parishioners back to the pews.


Webinar 3: What Every Catholic Pastor Needs to Hear Right Now

The key to quickly revitalizing your parish is all about what YOU choose to do right now. It has nothing to do with online Masses, social distancing or hand sanitizers in the back of church. It’s far simpler, much more powerful, and it can be done quickly. And this is the best time EVER to do it.

A powerful, practical, and perhaps even controversial challenge, a movement of pastors from around the country tackle this most important issue … something that lay ministers, staff members and parishioners desperately want and need.


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