Therein lies the…rib

October 1, 2021  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

close up of puzzle piece

“If I were God…” is a dangerous way to start a sentence, but how many of us do this? Probably more regularly than we would like to admit. Even if we don’t verbalize the sentiment, we likely think it from time to time. Most of us finish that statement with some genius, original idea for eradicating difficulty and pain from the world. If I were God, I wouldn’t let anyone go hungry. If I were God, all wealth would be equally distributed. If I were God, war wouldn’t exist.

I imagine that, when we think thoughts like these, God shakes His head and wonders why we don’t look a little harder at the whole of His creation — because I can promise you, it’s never lacking.

When Adam had a need for a companion, God used what was available: Adam’s rib. Everything that He had put into place was already perfect, already complete. Woman was a new creation, but not a new species. Adam searched through all of creation to find the perfect mate, but God had tucked the answer inside of His creation all along.

I’m guilty of it as much as anyone else — looking to Heaven with a chip on my shoulder. “Why haven’t you sent me what I need? I’ve been asking over and over again.” But have I even thought to look inside of myself?

Where is the rib you are missing today? What are the opportunities God has set before you? What are the needs that He is ready to fulfill, if only you would stop wasting time lamenting all the solutions that don’t fit the bill?

— Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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