Third Saturday of Advent

December 16, 2016  •   Tracy Earl Welliver


GN 49:2, 8-10; Psalm 72; MT 1:1-17

Have you ever researched your family tree? Genealogy can tell you where your roots are in the world. For many Catholics, their family name is a source of great pride and personal identity, especially if it connects them with immigrants who sought religious freedom in a new world many years ago. Today’s Gospel consists of the first 17 verses of the Gospel of Matthew, which contains the genealogy of Jesus. It demonstrates his lineage leads back to King David and Abraham.

Did you see your name in that genealogy? Well, of course not. You appear after Jesus. But the family tree in Matthew is yours as well. You and I are adopted sons and daughters of God. When we live out our lives as disciples, we bring with us our family identity. Your stewardship connects to the stewardship of many generations before you; generations filled with men and women cultivating and giving back the good gifts God has given. The next time you find yourself offering yourself in God’s service, remember that you do not stand-alone. Your entire family tree stands with you.

Daily Advent Challenge

Take 10 minutes to learn about the life of a saint that is unfamiliar to you. You can use the Internet or a book. How can their life serve as an example to you in your own stewardship way of life?

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