Tips to Honor Your Administrative Staff

April 23, 2020  •   LPi

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Your administrative staff is invaluable at your office. They manage day-to-day responsibilities and, when needed, put out those little metaphorical fires that sometimes pop up. Maybe gratitude is on your mind, as our offices struggle to operate in a world where we are miles apart from our colleagues. Or, perhaps you are reflecting on the recent Administrative Professionals Day (April 22). Below are some ways you can show your appreciation for your colleagues, whether you choose to do so on a recognized day, or just because some extra acclamation is deserved.

1. Say “thank you”

This is the simplest thing to do. It also takes the least amount of time. No matter how hectic things may get, it’s vital to take the time — just a minute or two — to stop and thank your staff for what they do. You can also give them a handwritten note. Knowing that they are appreciated improves morale and increases loyalty and productivity. It doesn’t cost anything, and an infectious attitude of gratitude makes the workplace a happier place to be.

2. Treat them to a meal

Take your staff out for a nice breakfast or lunch, bring in high-quality pastries and coffee for breakfast, or have lunch delivered to the office. Walk away from your desks to have a meal together. During your time with them, leave work chat at the office and get to know them – ask about families, hobbies, etc. We often don’t get the chance to talk about our lives outside of work; having the opportunity to open up makes for a friendlier environment and more camaraderie.

3. Buy a gift card

Getting to know your staff will help with this. Once you get to know your worker’s interests, you can purchase a gift card that’s more personal to them. If someone is an avid cyclist, a gift card to a bike shop or a sports store would be appreciated. The same goes for someone who loves to read, they would love a card to a bookstore. This shows them that you’ve paid attention to them on a personal level and means a lot more than a generic gift.

4. Give them a bonus — or time off

A monetary bonus even a modest one is always welcome. If you’re able, you could opt to give them a raise. This is often the form of recognition employees appreciate the most. Another option is giving them an afternoon off work. Give them the gift of a few hours to spend more time with family, pursue other hobbies, or just have a chance to unwind. They will appreciate the break and will likely come in the next day refreshed and more productive.

5. Post on social media

Administrative workers don’t usually get much public recognition. Publish a short message on your website and social media channels to thank them publicly. Acknowledge them by name, along with a brief message explaining how much value they bring to your office and invite your fans to express their thanks as well. You can include a picture of them if they are comfortable with it.

6. Ask them how they would like to be recognized

You can give them the chance to choose their preferred way to be recognized. Include the options listed above, or any other you may think of, give the list to your staff and let them rank their top choices. This guarantees a more personal approach, and lets the employee get what they’d like best.

How do your employees like being recognized? Tell us below.



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