To Teach as Jesus Did

February 2, 2016  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

to-teachNo school community is perfect, Catholic or non-Catholic, and I remember the times when koinonia was fractured due to human frailty and the immaturity of youth. However, it was the coming back together that served as the real example of fellowship. As a child, I had the sense that I was more than a student; I was a child of God. And even more importantly at the time for me was the belief that I was loved. It didn’t hurt that many of the teachers and staff at my elementary school were active parishioners in the parish.

Their love and care for me extended outside of the classroom. In addition to seeing my adult role models in church, the sense of fellowship extended into life outside our parish community. I was taught to play guitar by two of my elementary school teachers, I was coached in soccer for several years by the husband of one of my teachers, and I even developed a love of baseball cards from one of my teachers and her husband. I did not really know the word Greek word, koinonia, at the time, but I realize looking back that I was experiencing it in all aspects of my life.

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