Top Tips for Mobilizing Your Parishioners this Giving Tuesday

November 6, 2017  •   LPi

Giving Tuesday has been around long enough that most of your parishioners have heard of it. It’s a great opportunity to create a giving campaign for your parish on an online platform or mobilize your parishioners to donate to causes you all care about. If you want to invite your parishioners into the #iGiveCatholic movement this holiday season, here are some ideas.

  1. Tell Parishioners Early
    Some people will donate right on the spot when asked, but others need more time to assess their budget and prayerfully consider which charities to support. Share Giving Tuesday details early – including the date, giving methods, and charitable organizations– via the bulletin, website, and social media channels.
  2. Share the Story
    Names alone don’t tell parishioners where the money is going. Whether you are running a campaign for your parish or for a well-known local or national organization, people still need to know why their gift matters. Share a story of someone impacted by the organization and give details on where the money is going. Post links to the charitable organization on your website so they can tell their own story or embed videos showing parishioners why this cause matters.
  3. Communicate Often
    You may have heard of the “Rule of Seven. In brief, this means that a person needs to hear a message about seven times before it truly sinks in. Tell parishioners early and keep telling them. Keep announcing Giving Tuesday after Mass. Post new information on your Facebook page. Push out notifications using your Parish App. In this era of chaotic input, many of us need continual reminders to help us prioritize. 
  4. Go Mobile
    If the organization you’re supporting has a mobile app to give, share this information with your parishioners. Some innovative pastors will encourage parishioners to take out their smartphones at the end of Mass to text-to-donate right on the spot. If your parish is running a Giving Tuesday campaign for your own needs, make sure your online giving provider allows text-to-donate option. If you’re a WeShare customer and unsure how to activate this feature, contact your Engagement Manager before Giving Tuesday to make sure everything is ready to go.
  5. Invite Consistency
    If you’re gathering donations for a parish cause, why not turn the one-time giving into something sustainable? On your donate page, highlight an option for parishioners to sign up for recurring donations on the first Tuesday of the month. Any Tuesday can be Giving Tuesday!
  6. Thank Donors
    No matter whether you’re mobilizing parishioners for your parish or for another organization, make sure to thank those who donated. This can be a simple announcement, or something more tangible, like offering a free donut and coffee specifically to supporters. If you have access to the list of names, send a personalized thank you!

Giving Tuesday is a great way to join in solidarity with people of good will nationwide. If you’re still not sure the best way to join in the generosity, LPi is collecting donations for charities across the country and matching your donation dollar for dollar. Learn more on our blog and start getting your parishioners mobilized to donate today!

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