Use Color to Organize Content & Engage More Readers

April 13, 2016  •   LPi
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 Meet St. Bernard Parish in Wauwatosa, WI. Over the last year we worked with its business manager to rebrand the parish, creating a new logo,website, and Facebook banner. So now it is time to redesign the bulletin. So now it is time to redesign the bulletin.

Chris Meyer became the business manager at St. Bernard’s just a year ago. Having just moved to Wisconsin from Oregon in the same position, she was eager to make some changes in order to help reinvigorate the parish. After creating new brand identity, she set out to update all the parish communications. When we got to the bulletin she was determined to upgrade it to full color throughout the publication. St. Bernard’s is a small parish with limited resources but she felt strongly that the small expense to add color would help achieve her goals.

  • Applied new graphic banner inspired by a statue of St. Bernard in front of the parish.
  • Used newly created color palette.
  • Used cover art from Art & Media Portal’s new Vibrant Series.

Bright colors were used to organize content and make it easier for readers to find their info quickly. The bright reds, blue, greens, and yellows in the new color palette gave us an excellent range of color to work with. The new content structure allowed us to break up a lot of information into bite-sized chunks. Now, formerly long strings of information are found easily in their respective sections and set apart within the page.

  • Carries the new parish brandinginside to reinforce message.
  • Strong graphic treatment for calendar.
  • Organizes dates and helps parishes know where to find weekly events.
    • Inspirational graphics add reader appeal as well as integrate thoughtful messages into the bulletin. (Search “Inspirational” in Art & Media Portal to find inspirational quotes for all your communications.)
      • Formerly long strings of information are found easily and set apart on the page.
      • Bright colors were used to organize content and make it easier for readers to find their info quickly.
      • Flexibility was kept a priority, knowing a variety of information comes in all shapes, sizes, and priorities, and may change from week to week.
      • Original Bulletin

        Without the use of color, it was difficult for the parish to organize and highlight the week’s most important content.

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