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July 11, 2019  •   LPi
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We have so many choices these days when it comes to using technology to attract people to our place of worship. Years ago, people just attended the parish down the street. Today, they now have more freedom to find a church that truly fulfill their needs — mind, body, and spirit. A website that is vibrant and dynamic is vital in attracting more people — and a new way to do that is through video.

As website builders become more user-friendly, and the ability to capture video and post it online easier, we’re beginning to see this dynamic duo more often. A quick, attractive way to showcase your faith community, there are many ways to use video to show people what your parish is all about. Following are some unique ways that communities of all faiths are using video for effective evangelization.

Welcome Video — Image and Music Only

Using nothing but exceptional aerial video, images of the Mass, and beautiful music that speaks to the heart, the Catholic faith community of Prince of Peace Parish in Houston, Texas, knocked it out of the park without saying a word.

Prince of Peace has more than 9,500 registered households and continues to be one of the largest, most diverse, multicultural Roman Catholic communities in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. A “beacon of worship, hope, and service to all now, and for many years to come,” the parish uses video on their website to show, not just tell, what visitors can expect.

Video as Website Banner

Wondering what it’s like to attend a service at NewSpring Church? If you hop on to their website, you’ll get a taste of it in 1.5 seconds through their homepage video banner. Featuring a combination of worship performances, presentations, pastor homilies, and worshiping members, you can’t help but feel as though you’ve been attending for years.

A Southern Baptist megachurch located in Anderson, South Carolina, NewSpring Church “exists to connect people to Jesus and each other.” From their website video, it can plainly be seen that their community is electrifying, dynamic, and most of all, welcoming to all who wish to participate.

Screenshot of The Village Church website
Testimonials from the Leadership Team

“It’s okay to not be okay. God meets you where you are.” This statement, coupled with the image of an adult being baptized in the living waters of Christ, is a powerful message when you visit the website of Village Church, a Baptist faith community with multiple sites, or “plants” as they call them, located throughout Texas. However, it’s nothing compared to some honest, authentic video clips from the leadership team, who together explain their vision of incredible and loving people of faith.

Using excellent video footage coupled with dynamic speaking points, it allows visitors to get to know the people behind the scenes before you even walk through their doors.

Welcome Message from the Pastor

The Catholic faith community of St. Bernard Parish in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, uses video as a way to introduce website visitors to their “electronic presence.” In a simple video posted on their home page, Fr. Phillip Bogacki shares a little bit about their church, invites visitors to look around the website, and encourages people to stop by for Mass and “see what it’s all about.”

While the video is less than 40 seconds long, it is substantial enough to get a sense of the kind of faith community they are and what people can expect. And unlike other videos from megachurches throughout the country, this is simple enough that anyone can do on his or her own.

How does your parish use video?

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Don Davies
9 months ago

I really commend the Catholic and Christian ministries for really taking God’s message to these platforms and even social media! Pastor Keion Henderson, who is our church leader here in Houston TX, is really awesome as he also delves into social media to reach out to the new generation of believers in Christ!