Catholic Photos: 4 Ways to Find Images You Need

August 8, 2019  •   LPi
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As a parish, you want to use fresh content to attract more visitors to your parish, but finding those images can be difficult. A simple search on Google can bring a wealth of images right to your fingertips, but due to copyright laws, rarely are you allowed to use them. However, there are plenty of ways you can easily find the photos you need. All you need to do is search in the right places.

Browse and Discover on Social Media

When searching for images to post on your social media platforms, what better way to source them than through social media? Try searching through Catholic and Christian Facebook and Instagram accounts to see what they’re using. For both platforms, you can easily share them to your page. Repost for Instagram makes it easy to share a post to your account, and you can simply click the share button and add it your organization’s page when it comes to Facebook.

Pro-tip: Be sure to keep an eye on your insights to see what posts your audience is best responding to. It may take a while to get an idea of how to attract the audience you want.

Purchase a Subscription for Premium Images

Stock photos are available in greater diversity and higher-quality through paid subscriptions, like at Shutterstock or iStock. Websites like PicJumbo or Creation Swap offer some free images, but include more with a premium membership. On many sites, authentically Catholic images can be difficult to come by.

LPi recently debuted a NEW Catholic art and media solution, WeCreate with professionally-designed art, bulletin covers, and much more. This platform is free to all bulletin customers and can also be purchased as a yearly subscription for other churches.

Make Use of Photos that ARE Free

Some websites share photos declared free from copyright under Creative Commons Zero (CC0). This means you can download the photos and copy, modify, distribute, and use them without express permission or providing an attribution. There are several mainstream sites that offer large libraries of these photos. Pixabay, Unsplash, and Pexels are all options with an easy search function. Freely Photos is a Christian site offering Creative Commons images. For a selection of high quality photos that are specifically Catholic, visit One Secret Mission.

Source It Locally

Finally, you should use images that help you highlight your vibrant faith community, and what better place to find them than with your members. Do they have images of the latest festival or Donut Sunday? Put a call out to your congregation and ask them to share their gifts and talents in showcasing your vibrant faith community!

Where do you go to find photos for your website and social media?

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