WeConnect Release Notes—Dec. 9, 2020

December 9, 2020  •   Joel Jacob

WeConnect has polished up its messaging, website and app platforms to offer you the smoothest experience to date.

They include:

WeConnect Website Improvements
  1. Photo albums now have arrows on the school and welcome pages
  2. Radio and checkboxes on form builder now work as expected
  3. Captions have been restored on slideshows and photo galleries
Message Hub Improvements (www.message-hub.com)
  1. Message Hub Sites now display more than 30 galleries of photos
Parish App Improvements
  1. The Parish App will now open emails using the client’s email app on phone
  2. The Parish App will now open external links using the phone’s browser

Additional Support

Please contact a WeConnect team member for assistance.
They can be reached at: weconnect@4lpi.com or (800) 950-9952 ext. 2010.

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