LPi Announces WeGather Volunteer Scheduler

January 7, 2020  •   LPi

Woman viewing WeGather's volunteer log on computer

LPi announces the launch of a new Volunteer Scheduler feature on WeGather, empowering non-profit organizations to connect their volunteers to events through seamless auto-scheduling and volunteer activity tracking.

Keeping track of various volunteer lists, struggling to balance multiple spreadsheets, and not knowing volunteer preferences has made engagement and fundraising challenging for non-profit organizations. WeGather’s new Volunteer Scheduler feature provides an improved and flexible volunteer user experience. Volunteers can select their preferred volunteer times and events, allowing organizations visibility into volunteer capacity for planning and a smooth execution of all events.

In addition, volunteers have the option to submit a substitute request, which will trigger the Scheduler to connect with other available volunteers. Administrative staff will no longer to need to scramble for volunteer replacements, freeing up their time. Through reporting and automated communication confirmations and reminders, staff can easily coordinate all volunteer efforts within their organization.

With WeGather’s integration flexibility, the Volunteer Scheduler feature is seamlessly embedded within the current WeGather experience. Though current customers will be able to take advantage of the new feature, the Volunteer Scheduler can also be sold as a standalone product. This provides organizations access to a powerful tool for volunteer management.

“Technology can be a powerful tool to engage your volunteers and create a more active membership base. With WeGather’s new Volunteer Scheduler, your volunteers can better maintain their personal schedule of their volunteer time, while you more effectively manage your organization’s overall volunteer needs,” says Joe Luedtke, LPi’s CEO. “Our new Volunteer Scheduler feature has taken us one step further by enhancing the experience for your volunteers and allowing them the flexibility to select preferences, submit change requests, and provide the visibility of all your volunteer opportunities online.”

About WeGather

WeGather is a robust member management system integrated with an online social community that empowers staff, parishioners, and visitors alike to be proactive in engaging their community. Unlike traditional member management systems or ad-hoc tools that simply collect and maintain member data individually, WeGather provides a mobile, social, intuitive, fast, affordable, flexible, and secure way for faith-based communities to achieve their mission and goals through communication, engagement, and formation.

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