The Well That Never Dries Up

December 10, 2021  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

person getting water from a well

Depending on how your mood is today, the words of Paul will hit you differently. “Rejoice always,” he tells us. Well, if your football team is poised to win this weekend or next, maybe you’re really feeling this vibe. But if you’ve got a long slog at work ahead of you this week and a to-do list that only seems to grow and never shrink, it may make you grumble. “Rejoice always? Always? When I’m tired? Cranky? When I’m sick of doing and giving? Thanks, Paul. I’ll be sure to scribble that phrase on a Post-It and stick it to my dashboard for when some entitled punk inevitably cuts me off on tomorrow’s morning commute.”

When we feel this way, we know it’s time to head back to the well. Think of all the places in Scripture where God compares His love, His mercy, His salvation to water. And not just any water — living water, water that moves. God’s strength is not a stagnant puddle sure to evaporate and disappear. It’s water you can keep coming back to. It’s water that never dries up.

Which is good news for us, because we never stop failing to do what we should, never stop failing to feel the joy and the compassion and the selflessness we are called to. We need a source of living water if we are going to ‘rejoice always.’ To be everyday stewards, we need a well that never empties.

The fountain of salvation never dries up. There is always more there for us to draw from. It’s a sign of His commitment — so let us, in turn, be committed to Him.

— Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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