Maximizing WeShare for Your School

January 18, 2018  •   LPi

catholic schools week
With Catholic Schools Week right around the corner (January 28 – February 3), we celebrate what makes our parochial schools so great. Your parish school provides an excellent, well-rounded education with Jesus Christ at the center of it all. That’s something to celebrate! There are always new ways to learn, grow, and expand as a school:

  • Field trips spanning multiple days or to more expensive locations
  • New sports equipment for athletic teams
  • Student life activities
  • Academic or need-based scholarship funds
  • Facilities updates for computer labs, theaters, libraries, gymnasiums, chapels, or sports fields

When it comes to fundraising, moving things online to your parish WeShare account can help!

Set Up Your Unique Campaign

WeShare is for more than buildings & grounds and second collections! You can set up fundraisers and link them to unique bank accounts if necessary. A specific school administrator could be granted access to the WeShare page to monitor funds in real time. 

catholic schools weekDigital Promotion

Promoting your fundraiser is likely already happening online, but is your school only one click away from receiving funds? WeShare generates a unique URL for each fundraising opportunity, making it easy to share the school-specific or event-specific page via email and social media platforms.

Harness the Power of the Form

When you set up a unique collection, you can add additional personalized form items. Add one of these to your fundraiser to further earmark funds. If students are fundraising individually — say for new sports gear or a multi-day field trip — add a text entry box and title it “Student Recipient.” Or maybe you’re updating your school computer lab, and homerooms are competing for a prize to raise the most money. Title the text box “Designated Homeroom.” These additional categories will show up when you run the report, making it easier to see which funds belong to whom.

Ease of Money Management

Raising money online has never been easier. Numerous online crowdfunding platforms make it easy to set up fundraisers and promote them online. However, these platforms come with their own backend management, there is no integration with your other parish tools. Keep things simpler for your bookkeeper and track donations all in one place!

This Catholic Schools Week, how do you maximize online giving to raise funds for your parish school?

Don’t have WeShare? Sign up for a webinar today to learn more!

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