Through WeShare Engagement Campaign, Parish Online Donations Soar

March 13, 2019  •   LPi

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It’s become a staple in our world of bill paying — the automatic payment. A recurring giving program like WeShare can help build longer-lasting relationships with your parishioners and provide stability in an often unpredictable generosity climate. Encourage your parishioners to sign up by taking part in LPi’s FREE WeShare Engagement Campaign.

Today, more and more parishes are realizing the value of collecting donations online. Parish staff spends time researching the best giving platform to invest in, signs up for an account, and then has the parish secretary add the link to the website. Believing in the promises of an easy return to their initial investment, the parish waits for donations to start rolling in on a regular basis. Except, they don’t. Wait — what went wrong?

The fact of the matter is, you can’t set up a whole new way of giving and expect it to take off without a little prompting. You need marketing materials and consistent messaging on the importance of giving online and the easy steps on how to do it. You need a support team to handle any technical problems and to guide you in marketing best practices, so you can instead concentrate on evangelizing your faith community. You need to sign up for the WeShare Engagement Campaign.

The process is simple. Parishes send their WeShare Engagement Manager their list of parishioner contacts (email and address). Then four times per year, a customized email is delivered to their members, along with a postcard sent twice a year, reminding them of the ease and benefits of online giving, and how to sign up to donate. Best of all, the campaign is FREE for all WeShare customers.

As an added service to the parish, LPi sends back a cleaned-up version of all contact lists, which includes the removal of expired or inaccurate emails, for additional utilization by the parish — no more email bounce-backs or returned, end-of-year financial statements or capital campaign appeals!

After the delivery of just ONE email and postcard encouraging registered members to give online, participating parishes have seen on average an increase of 12% in parishioner online giving — and that number continues to rise as they continue through the campaign!

Already a WeShare Customer? Contact your Engagement Manager today!

Looking to sign up for Online Giving? Contact an online service representative.



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