What I learnt from 46 consecutive days in church

May 24, 2015  •   LPi

Adrian Chiles, BBCBroadcaster and recent Catholic convert Adrian Chiles recently set himself a challenge to go to church every day for more than a month, and never the same one twice. Most of us will never have this kind of opportunity, but Chiles’ insights, reflections, and images speak to every one of us who have ever sat in a pew.

Here’s an excerpt:

“For the Lent just gone by, I resolved to go to church every day. I’m a Catholic, so it would be Mass every day for more than a month. It felt like it would be a real struggle – a penance. It turned out to be anything but. It was a rich and enriching experience – spiritually, obviously, but I was also enraptured by the churches themselves, the communities they serve, and the people with whom I shared all those Masses.”

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