Will You Say Yes?

June 19, 2020  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

Legal symbol the Scales of Justice

You find yourself in the difficult situation of being accused of blasphemy and confronting possible execution. Your crime is believing in Jesus Christ. The question is then asked of you, “Are you a Christian, a follower of the one named Jesus Christ?” Your answer may very well dictate what happens to you next. What is your answer?

It is probably easier to answer this question when the scenario is make-believe. All of us want to believe that we would say yes to the question of belief in Jesus, but strange things happen when humans panic in the face of extreme stress. As we reflect on what we would say, there are those all over the world who are being asked that very same question. It is a question that was asked of many in the first centuries of the Church. Those who respond “yes” are considered martyrs and saints.

We might not usually think of all this in terms of good stewardship living. However, our faith is also a gift we have received from God to cultivate, grow, and share with others. The more interesting question than the one posed above is, “Would an accuser even think of asking you such a question?” Would you have cultivated, grown, and shared your faith enough that anyone would even consider you worthy of asking the question? They might assume you don’t know Jesus Christ at all. I don’t like conflict and do not seek out conflict, but I would rather someone ask the first question posed than assume there is no reason to confront me in the first place.

— Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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