August 13, 2021  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

Women holding up post it notes yes or no

WWJD bracelets were all the rage about 25 years ago in Christian circles. I’ve always wondered if a WWMD bracelet might not make just as much sense, and maybe more. What Would Mary Do?

I would argue that Mary was the most exemplary steward who ever lived. Her answer was always “Yes.” Yes, Lord, I am Your handmaiden. Yes, I will visit Elizabeth, and help her in the last difficult months of pregnancy. Yes, I will bring my son up in the Mosaic law and present him at the Temple of Jerusalem. Yes, I will give him to the crowds and to public ministry. Yes, I will offer him on this Cross, if it is Your will.

Yes, yes, yes.

Well, I can’t be like Mary, we think to ourselves. There’s an intimidation factor with the Blessed Mother and Catholics sometimes — one that almost exceeds that of Christ. Perhaps it’s because we are in awe of the fact that she was not divine in any way — she was a mere creation, like us — but somehow, she always had the courage to say yes. How could she do it, when we find it so hard?

Well, God certainly lavished on Mary extraordinary graces. Her lack of original sin liberated her to conform her will to God’s.

But God is impatient to give us, too, all the graces we need to be a steward in the example of Mary. He’s waiting for us simply to ask. Just as in Adam we died, so in Christ — through Mary — we live.

What can we say yes to today, in Mary’s example?

— Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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