Let Us Pray for One Another During These Challenging Times

We stand with you, with our country, and the world as together we face this global pandemic. The COVID-19 crisis has lasted longer than many of us imagined it would, and LPi continues to stand ready to help. The communication and technology products and services that you use from LPi, can serve an even more valuable function in these trying times. We encourage you to use them to their fullest to stay in touch with your parishioners, even amid capacity restrictions and other necessary limitations.

1. Continue to Publish a Church Bulletin Weekly.

The church bulletin is still the number one way of communicating information to your parishioners. Even if Masses are cancelled, we encourage you to still send us your bulletin. We understand that during these challenging times it may be difficult for you to create a weekly bulletin like you normally do. LPi has created mini bulletins of liturgical content for you to share with your parish. Click here to find the date of content you are looking for, and download!

Feel free to reduce your quantities or your page count when you submit your content to us. Do you need a smaller number of bulletins in anticipation of fewer attendees, or just a few for your records? Let us know by writing a comment when you upload your bulletin or give us a call.

We have also created a special cover for your bulletin and to share on social media, you can download them here.

2. Encourage Parishioners to Subscribe to Your Bulletin Online.

Your parishioners can easily subscribe to receive your weekly bulletin on ParishesOnline. Now is a good time to remind them! The process is simple. Parishioners can visit ParishesOnline.com, locate your parish with the search tool, and click Subscribe to automatically receive an email when a new publication becomes available! Download images here to help share the word. Please contact our Customer Service Team for more information.

Make sure your church’s website links to your bulletin on ParishesOnline. Your website may have all the pertinent information but the first thing many parishioners look for is the church bulletin. Download instructions here to claim your listing.

3. Remember to Leverage WeCreate.

Your subscription to WeCreate is filled with beautiful art and content to inspire and inform your community. Please look at WeCreate weekly to see the new content that you can use in your bulletin, website, and social media. We are always updating and adding content to WeCreate.

4. You Can Work from Home.

If you’re going to be working from home, let us know and we can help you get the necessary software set up and configured.

5. Encourage Recurring Online Giving.

Without people in pews and the passing of the basket, the funds you need for your Church will dwindle rapidly. If you are a WeShare online giving customer, please call us at (800) 950-9952 and we can help you reach out to your members with our Engagement Campaign. Continue to inform your members that their support is important even if they are unable to attend mass. Download imagery asking for parishioner support here.

If you don’t have an online giving provider, you need one today! Now, when you sign up for our Engagement Campaign We will waive the WeShare monthly subscription fee for 6 months for all new WeShare customers or existing customers. Click here to learn more.

6. Update Your Website Often.

Hopefully, you have a website and app that are easy to update as electronic communication continues to be critical in staying connected to your parishioners. Be sure to keep your website updated with the status of your parish and how you’re coping through this crisis. If you have an app, now is a great time to take advantage of push notifications. Send out daily readings to parishioners, the weekly bulletin, and let them know how they can pray for you. If you are a WeConnect website and app customer and need help updating your site, please call us at (800) 950-9952.

Changing your website content is a great way to keep your parishioners engaged, and if you’re a WeConnect customer, we have created a few images for you to use. Just click here to download!

7. Use Online Tools to Create Community.

We are all feeling keenly the lack of human society, in this new world where we work from home, school our children from home, go one-by-one to the grocery store, and have strange conversations with neighbors from a safe distance. Bring your parish a much-needed sense of community by giving people a place and time to meet virtually. Livestream your masses (check out this article from Relatu Visual for detailed instructions and tips) or create a weekly conversation group using a tool like Zoom. For youth groups try a coffee chat model, encouraging teens to talk about the challenges of this situation. Or gather adults for a bible study. If you’re looking for additional topic ideas, check our weekly Connect! Sunday Reflection blog, our authors focus on the liturgical week and Sunday readings to offer insight for our times.

8. Shop and Support Your Newsletter Sponsors.

Small and medium sized businesses, your sponsors that advertise on the bulletin, continue to struggle. Please encourage and remind your parishioners to support them. In turn, know they’re supporting you.

9. Resources

We continue to publish resources with relevant information to help address all the challenges the Church faces. Check out our article on “Surviving a Pandemic with Online Giving .” Be sure to visit our Resources page often to check for updates and be sure that you are signed up to receive our Vibrant Parish Newsletter. And don’t forget to visit our blog .

A message from LPi

We’re committed to serving you and are simultaneously working to protect our employees and keep them safe. There are a few changes we’ve made to help ensure that we do both. These changes follow the guidance currently being issued by our government.

We likely won’t be stopping by to say hello just yet, although we hope to begin visiting again as the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine and efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus continue to make traveling safer. In the meantime, we’ll be reaching out via telephone. We will continue to adjust to limit community spread of the virus. We still, however, are only a phone call or video conference away.

We’re also having some LPi team members work at home. Some of our departments can effectively work at home while still accessing our systems, emails from you, and your phone calls. We’re still here for you but may be picking up your call from the comfort and safety of our homes. Our press locations remain staffed and operational, but less people in those buildings will help protect those that need to be there, and the communities we live in from casual contact and spread of this virus.

These are unprecedented times, but adversity often brings out the best in humanity. Let us pray for one another during this challenging time.

Christ be with you all,

Team LPi

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