Customize to Suit Your Needs

WeCreate offers hundreds of art templates that you can customize with your own text. Simply scroll through the images for something that catches your eye but where the text isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. Then make it your own in minutes!

Quick Reference

WeCreate has template files that can be customized with text to suit your needs. To find templates, look for any section that is labeled “Template.”

  1. Click on a template section.
  2. Click the thumbnail of the image you want to customize.
  3. The template editor tab will open. The customizable fields are on the left side of the screen.
    Customizable fields on the left display 'Happy Birthday!'
  4. Enter your copy in each field you want to change.
  5. To see how your customized piece will look, click Refresh Preview. In this example, we replaced “Happy Birthday!” with “Join Us!”
  6. When ready to download, click Finish.
    Note: If you don’t want a field to have any text, you must enter a spce or you’ll receive an error message. If you don’t see the text you entered, it is too long for the allotted space.

    Customizable fields now say 'Join Us!'
  7. Hover over Download and select the file type you want. Select High-Res JPG for print.
  8. Close the template editor tab.

Note: Your customized templates are not saved within WeCreate.

Download our Quick Start Guide for a complete overview of WeCreate.