In this video, we’ll show you how to easily log in to your WeShare account, explore the Admin Dashboard, and teach you how to manage and customize WeShare settings.

Logging In

  • Log into your account using your unique WeShare credentials.
  • Click the New Admin button on the right-hand side to access the dashboard.
  • If you are the admin of multiple accounts, you can now view a listing of your sites by visiting and entering your WeShare credentials (the select accounts page will only display accounts for which you have authorization).

Introduction to the Dashboard

  • Find the title of your site and WeShare account number at the top of the admin dashboard.
  • The left-hand navigation will take you to different sections of the site:
    • Users: Manage accounts, send an email message, and import/export user lists.
    • Giving: Manage Collections, Second Collections, and Events.
    • Reports: Run reports with activity data for giving opportunities and donors.
    • Financial Messages: Get insight into donations that may have declined due to expired credit cards or insufficient funds.
    • Engagement: Use our library of resources and materials.
    • Settings: View or make changes to the general set-up of your WeShare site and your account such as site name or logo updates, color schemes, communication, bank accounts, sharing, and exports.