There are three different email settings for the site, as donors are more likely to open an email from someone they recognize than from someone they don’t. This section also contains the option to create a custom welcome message and give admin site access.

WeShare Communication Email


Site Invitations Email: The temporary password/invitation emails sent out from the site will appear to donors to be coming from this email address.


Site News and Info Email: If you use the Send an Immediate Email function, those emails will appear to be coming from this email address.


Help Requests Email: If a donor sends in a general help request to the site itself, it will show up in this mailbox.


Custom Welcome Message: Write a default custom message to be sent out to new users. A temporary password will accompany the message allowing them to log in.


Site Admins: Everyone who is a user on the site has the potential to be an Administrator, but only if an existing Administrator allows it. To grant a user administrative access, click on Add another Site Admin, search name and Add. Once complete this user will now have equal access to the site.