In this video, we will walk through how to easily build a giving collection in WeShare.

  • Once logged into the site, go to the left side navigation and click on Giving.
  • Click on the plus sign (new) then click Collection.

Now fill in the details for that collection:

  • Collection Name: Name your collection.
  • Brief Description: About one or two sentences that will be displayed on the home page. An image can be added in with a drag and drop, browse to upload or choose an option within the Image Library.
  • Display on Home Page: Gives the options to have the collection display right away, or enter a start date and end date. Select No if the collection is not ready to display, this will make the collection only viewable within Giving Management and hidden from the home page.
  • Bank Account: If your site has more than one bank account set up, choose which account the funds should filter to.
  • Fund Label: Defaults to Donation, but Payment is available for non-deductible collections.
  • Payment Types: WeShare is defaulted to accept Checking, Credit and Debit Cards. Uncheck a Payment type to remove it.
  • Communications: Add user support information such as contact name, email address, and phone number.
  • Email Settings: Choose the address any emails will send from.
    • “From Name” is optional, but here you can add the collection manager’s name or parish name.
    • “From Email Address” will display on the receipt to show who the receipt is from.
    • Create a Custom Message to include within the body of the emailed receipt.
    • Click Preview Email to view how the email receipt will look.
  • When finalized, click Create.