The Financial Overview provides a year or 12-month analysis of your WeShare site. This on demand video explores the financial settings and messages you can expect to see in the new WeShare Admin Portal.

Overview of Financial Terms

First graph: provides data on the number of recurring donors

Second graph: provides data on Settled Transactions

YTD Total: Total donations for current year

Month to Date Total: Total donations for current month

Avg./User/Month: Based on a 12-month period

Largest Transaction: Largest donation received for current year

Largest Transaction on (Date): Largest donation received within a 12-month period

Overview of Financial Messages

Within the left side navigation, click on Financial Messages. Here you can:

  • Search by name, date or reference number.
  • Check the Select All box to delete all message or select individual messages to delete.
  • Undo the selected messages that were just deleted.

If a donation was declined for reasons such as an expired credit card or insufficient funds, WeShare will automatically do three things:

  • An email will be sent to the donor explaining that the donation was not processed and why.
  • The site administrators will receive an email with the same information.
  • A message will appear here in the Financial Message Center.