We believe that vibrant churches matter.

Your parish is an unrepeatable, life-changing place, and you deserve excellent products — print and digital — for your mission.

We speak the language of “Catholic Church”

  • A customer service team that speaks the language of “Church”
  • A Publishing department with round-the-clock printing
  • High quality, reliable delivery
  • Flexible deadlines
  • You can count on the phone being answered when you call our first-class customer service team!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is LPi accepting new customers?
    Yes! We are always excited when another church or diocese joins our family. Your mission is our mission, we are honored to fulfill your needs.
  2. How quickly can LPi begin publishing my bulletin?
    We make every effort to provide a bulletin within 5-10 business days.
  3. Do you still print bulletins?
    Yes, we’ve been printing bulletins for 50 years! Our delivery has been consistent and reliable, even in the face of natural disasters, the pandemic, or inclement weather.
  4. Do you offer a digital component?
    Yes, we have a both-and approach, where printed bulletins are also made available for your online presence.
  5. What kind of services does LPi offer?
    We offer communication solutions for your parish community that include:
    • Bulletins — Print publications in full-color, ad-supported by your community
    • Websites — Simple customization and powerful functionality for your digital home
    • Catholic Art and Content — Weekly features of graphics, Gospel reflections, and more, for children, youth, and adults. Uplift your print and digital messaging
    • Church Branding — A good brand unifies around a common vision, builds your identity, and shares your unique story, we can help you build your brand!
    These solutions can be accessed separately or bundled for deeper savings.
  6. I’m unfamiliar with LPi, and nervous to try a new publisher.
    We know that switching bulletin publishers is a big decision. We are so confident we will exceed your expectations that we are offering your parish the chance to try out LPi with no obligation. That’s right, no contract for the first year. If, after the first year, you are thrilled with our bulletin service we can make it official then.
    Allow us to assure you:
    • LPi is poised for permanence in the future
    • We’ve built strong relationships with our suppliers over the years — paper, delivery, etc. —which have allowed us excellent performance even in recent years’ challenges
    • 4,000 churches trust us with their communications. We take this trust seriously and rise to the occasion with exceptional service
  7. Can I keep my current advertisers?
    We will work hard to renew all advertisers, and to acquire new advertisers for your bulletin. We have a team of 100+ ad sellers across the country, with a tradition of selling from the church location with the cooperation of the parish.
  8. Does LPi operate in my area?
    LPi services the entire continental United States with offices in:
    • Milwaukee, WI
    • Cleveland, OH
    • Hartford, CT
    • Orlando, FL
    • Las Vegas, NV
    • Dallas, TX
    These locations, in all corners of the nation, allow for excellent service, flexible deadlines and timely delivery, no matter the unexpected weather pattern or time zone!
  9. May I talk to someone?
    Of course! We’re here to answer your questions, chat about your concerns, and walk you through our options. Please fill out the form below and we will reach out.

Let’s chat, we’re here to help.
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When can I expect to hear back from someone?
Your requests will be considered our highest priority and we will make every attempt to respond within one business day.