Engage Your Parishioners Between Sundays

WeConnect Parish App is an effective ministry tool connecting your parishioners to the body of Christ every day of the week. By providing parishioners a downloadable mobile app, you can increase their engagement level by encouraging them to join a ministry, attend an event, come to Mass, grow their faith, and much more!

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Reach Parishioners Where They Are

Your parishioners are on the go. So make sure they don’t miss any important information you want to share with them. With the WeConnect Parish App, you can invite members to become more engaged in the church and catechize your community by connecting with them wherever they may be.

  • Schedule Push Notifications
  • Daily Readings
  • Group Messaging for Ministries
  • Event Calendar & Invitations
  • Easy Online Giving
  • Expert Technical Support
Church Communication Instantly

Communicate Easily

Send out important messages to your entire parish community instantly for church closings due to weather or urgent prayer requests. Or schedule push notifications for upcoming events, an RSS feed, or Mass times for a holy day of obligation.

Engage Them in Ministries

Add all of your ministries and groups in your app. Parishioners can choose to receive messages from those they are interested or involved in. Then you can easily send group messages to everyone on the list who subscribed.

Engage Them in Ministries
Digital Daily Readings and Prayers

Catechize Your Community

Offer your parishioners easy access to daily readings from the USCCB. Connect them on the go to your blogs, RSS feeds from your favorite Catholic news feeds, and resources to help people grow in their faith.

Invite People to Events

Add all events and activities to your calendar so parishioners can choose to participate more fully in the life of your parish. A full calendar shows people where they can find a place to belong, engage, grow, and give back.

Catholic Digital Calendar and Events
Introduce Your Parish Staff

Introduce Your Parish Staff

Help visitors and parishioners to learn more about your staff. Give them easy access to phone and email contacts so they can get more involved. There’s even a place to add a photo and write something special about your staff.

Deliver Bulletins Digitally

Automatically deliver your weekly bulletins digitally to your parishioners on their phone or tablet. Or the link can be directed to your website page where your bulletins are currently archived.

Digital Church Bulletins
Manage Your Parish Website & App Together

Manage Your Parish Website & App Together

LPi’s Parish App integrates with the WeConnect website, so you can easily manage both simultaneously.


Push Notifications

Push Notifications & How to Use Them

Push notifications for a parish app can be hugely beneficial when you’re trying to build an intentional community of believers … but only if you do it right. The times you send out notifications, and the kind of content you send to which group, can have a big impact on the success of what you’re promoting.


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