Session 12 of 12

Becoming a Clearer Reflection of the Kingdom of God

As our webinar series for 2019 draws to a close, we reflect on what we are all about as Church, and why we should seek to become vibrant parish communities at all. What is this all about anyway? Are evangelization and catechesis at the heart of who we are as a community or not? Ultimately, what’s the Main Thing?

Special Guest: Audrey Ronnfeldt

Audrey Ronnfeldt currently serves as Stewardship Coordinator for the Diocese of Wichita, Kansas. Her background includes an extensive career in retail, most notably at Macy’s. After spending some time at home raising two sons, she joined the staff of a Methodist church in Georgia as the Director of Missions and Outreach. From there, she moved on to be the Director of Shared Ministry at a Lutheran church in Minnesota.