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Planting the SEED™ of Evangelization

Evangelization is a hot topic today in the Church, but why hasn’t it been that way all along? We will discuss why our take on evangelization in the past did not bear fruit and why St. John Paul II called us to a “New Evangelization.” How are we to effectively evangelize those in our pews as well as those outside our church walls? How can we begin to reach the fallen away, the “nones,” and those even hostile to our faith?

Special Guest: Tim Glemkowski

Tim Glemkowski is a speaker, author and the founder and president of L’Alto Catholic Institute, a not-for-profit apostolate dedicated to helping parishes and dioceses evangelize and make disciples. Tim’s book, “Made for Mission,” published in Fall 2019 through Our Sunday Visitor, unpacks his vision for transformed parishes who have re-committed to the core mission of the Church. Tim is also a co-founder of Revive Parishes, a new and innovative platform for training every leader in a parish.