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On Tuesday, September 3rd, LPi purchased your church’s bulletin service from Catholic Printery. We are thrilled to welcome you to our family. Here at LPi, we believe that vibrant churches matter. Each week, we partner with thousands of parishes just like yours to deliver high-quality bulletins on-time with the best customer service in the business. Read announcement letter.

This page was created to help make your bulletin service transition to LPi as seamless as possible. We’re excited to have you join us! Learn more about LPi

Learn About Our Free Catholic Art Subscription

As an LPi bulletin customer, you will receive access to WeCreate, our digital art and content library. You’ll find the latest in stock photography, church clip art, Catholic prayers, weekly Gospel reflections, and more to enhance the design and communication of your church’s bulletins, website, and social media. Learn more about WeCreate

Your Customer Support representative will be sending your WeCreate email invitation within the next few weeks. Your invitation will prompt you to create an account. For WeCreate training or for help getting started, visit our WeCreate Customer Support page

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why did Catholic Printery shut down their bulletin company and sell to LPi?
    Catholic Printery’s founder and owner, Kieth Sterling, has retired. Over 45 years ago, Kieth was hired as LPi’s first Pressman. He knew that he could trust LPi to provide the same superior quality product and service to the customers he faithfully served.
  2. What happened to the Catholic Printery employees?
    LPi offered career opportunities to several of the Catholic Printery ad sales staff, and a number of them have joined us and will continue to serve the parishes in your area.
  3. Will there be any disruption of my bulletin service?
    No. There will not be any disruption of your weekly bulletin service.
  4. When will LPi start printing our church bulletins?
    You do not need to change your submission process at this time. But LPi will take over all printing, shipping, and delivering starting with the bulletins for Sunday, September 29th.
  5. How will I submit my bulletins going forward?
    Over the next month, LPi Customer Support will be contacting you to help you migrate to LPi’s systems for printing. But don’t worry … LPi’s process is very similar to CPs, so the transition will not be complicated to learn.
  6. Will my transmission date possibly change?
    Yes. To ensure your weekly bulletin arrives at no cost to your parish, LPi will print them in one of their six, high-capacity print facilities. LPi will be reaching out to all customers to discuss the specifics of the transition and any resulting changes in transmission dates.
  7. Why does LPi ask us to sign a contract?
    LPi has over 400 dedicated employees serving more than 4,000 Catholic parishes with weekly bulletins. Our Agreement ensures that what you want is conveyed to each LPi employee who comes in contact with your bulletin each week. The Agreement is your guarantee that what LPi has offered will be delivered for the duration of our relationship.
  8. Why does it seem difficult to understand your templates?
    We understand that it can be difficult to understand a new process. Our full-time Prepress staff is ready to help you with LPi Express, the software needed for uploading your bulletins to LPi. If you haven’t yet installed LPi Express, please call 800-950-9952 and ask for Print Customer Support.
  9. We’ve had issues with on-time deliveries. Can we just have LPi print the bulletin cover, and can we print the inside at the parish?
    We apologize for the delivery issues. Our transition period was abbreviated due to the sale of the Catholic Printery building, and that caused some logistic issues. We’re confident that you’ll see on-time deliveries soon. LPi does offer a cover only service option if interested going forward.
  10. What will happen to my bulletin advertisers moving forward?
    All bulletin ads will be published by LPi with no change in service, and we’ll work hard to renew them when their paid term expires.
  11. Will there be any changes in how the advertising is sold?
    We’ve found that making calls from the parish office provides better engagement with the businesses in the community and increases advertising sales overall. So we ask that parishes allow our ad sales representative to work at the parish for several days at least once per year.
  12. How do I access WeCreate, LPi’s Catholic art and content collection?
    In the coming weeks, Customer Support will be emailing you an invitation to set up a WeCreate account.
  13. How are we going to get the graphics that the diocese used to send to Catholic Printery?
    All of our diocesan and archdiocesan partners can contact LPi with information they would like to share with their parishes. We then upload the content to WeCreate, which parishes then can access for free.
  14. What new benefits does LPi offer to my parish?
    In addition to a free subscription to WeCreate, LPi has free Catholic resources and an informative blog for great ideas to grow engagement at your parish.
  15. Who do I contact for Customer Support?
    Moving forward, LPi will be handling all Customer Support inquiries. Contact LPi at 800-950-9952 and ask for Print Customer Support.
  16. Will someone from LPi be visiting our parish in person?
    Yes! We are working on a travel schedule now to be sure we plan a visit to each parish over the next few months.

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